Monday, April 4, 2011

green thumb

Create a drawing based on "Plant Life" for a chance to win an original sketch!
For the Fifth round of Dave Miles Sketchoholic's Anonymous I sketched up a little ballpoint pen and watercolor prize called "green thumb"


Brigitte said...

it's such an honor that you commented on my sketches. thanks so much!
your work is always amazing *_*

Desiree said...

hee hee hee, i love him!

DavidM said...

Awesome work Greig! Thanks so much for supplying the topic and sketch this week! The entries are really looking great!

Anonymous said...

oh my. i'm in love with your art. <3

Greig Rapson said...

Thanks, Brigitte! I enjoy visiting your blog!

Thanks, Desiree!

Thanks, Dave! I had a great time, I really appreciated the opportunity to contribute to your contest series!

Thank you, drend!

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