Monday, November 5, 2012


A submission to RandomVeus Character Design Contest.

Super Fun!!

check out the contest here! [link]

Did a little character description and boi for fun. :) It's not relevant to the contest.

CB-1: "Courier Boy Unit#1"
("SeeBee" for short)

After an terrible misunderstanding and horrible impaling incident, master toymaker Jeppetto's endeavors to create a "real boy" led him to leave woodworking, and voodoo, to tinker in the world of science and artificial intelligence. Inspired by the works of the renowed Dr Lightly and his amazing "Mega Mang", Jeppetto set out to create a boy with purpose that would serve and protect the people. Jeppetto's first design was"CB-1", and originally stood for "Century Boy-Unit#1" to symbolize the next hundred years for robotic excellence from "Jeppetto Inc". Unfortunately, during the production of CB-1, the economy collapsed and Jeppetto found himself without the funds to acquire the latest in cybernetic chips, processors, and lightweight high density metal alloys. In desperation to complete his robot boy, Jeppetto resorted to scouring garbage dumps for spare parts. Using an old chopped up bicycle for the body and a discarded GPS to build a brain from, Jeppetto completed his robot boy. "CB-1" now renamed "Courier Boy- Unit#1" works to humbly serve the people as a delivery bot. With every delivery he makes, CB-1 gets closer to raising the money his father needs to make him the "Century Boy" he dreamed of. Along his adventures CB-1 ponders his purpose in the galaxy, if he wants to be what his fathers envisions, and begins to have dreams of his own.

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